Being a front-end engineer, you may either have a long history or a complicated one. Most of the time, the stuff sent by you to the browser was easy enough that it could be done by anyone. In fact, you will come across many so-called web developers who are nothing more than graphic designers. All they use is a different medium. One concept that transformed the entire digital era was specializing in web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Yes, these technologies were something that leads to a severe change in the perception of web developers changing themselves into front-end developers.

The quirky little toy language was capable enough to create professionals who acted like some kind of driving force of the internet.  As more and more browsers were introduced, CSS and HTML came along in order to create cross-browser incompatibilities. By doing this they would clearly define the need for front-end engineers. As a result, today, front-end specialists are considered as one of the most sought-after candidates across the globe.


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